La puissance d’une plateforme, FOUNDER INSTITUTE , The Founder Institute is the world’s largest entrepreneur training & startup launch program, creating sustainable startup ecosystems across over 55 cities. In our part-time program, promising entrepreneurs “learn by doing” and launch a company through structured training, practical assignments, and expert feedback from top mentors.

The Founder Institute is a global network of startups and mentors that helps entrepreneurs launch meaningful and enduring technology companies. Through our four month pre-seed incubator program, you can launch your dream company with expert training, feedback, and support from experienced startup CEOs, while not being required to quit your day job. Our unique Bonus Pool also shares equity upside with all participants, creating local, teamwork-based ecosystems where great startups can flourish.

  • 55 cities, 30 countries, and 6 continents.
  • 1,003 Graduate Companies
  • 1,114 Graduate Founders and Co-FoundersScreen Shot 2016-04-04 at 4.24.22 PM
  • An estimated portfolio value in excess of $5 billion
  • Six exits or liquidity events (public exits include Shopalize and Gridblaze)  
  • Over 10,000 estimated new jobs created
    89.5% Graduate companies still operating (versus 115 companies dissolved)
  • 73.5% Graduate companies operating at or ahead of schedule (versus 146 companies with Founders still employed or companies struggling)
  • 2500+ Mentors worldwide