http://www.tiimiakatemia.fi/en/ (movie 8:39 English) In 1993 during the height of recession, where Finnish (from Finland) graduates were being educated for a Picture1jobless future a small revolution in education began.

  • First thing said : Forget the school and forget the status of being a student
  • We have total freedom of choosing what we want to learn. No lecture, no exams, we have only courses, just put your hands in the dirt, something will come out.
  • Teams of students form and trade their own limited companies, the way to really learn from sales to strategy: from real business life experience. “It works for everybody here, If you feel you are really responsible for something, you make the best possible result”.
  • Team coach has a really vital role to play in supporting the team and helping them develop. Relationship btween coach and students is firm and secure and honest. It creates an environment where it is ok to fail => people are not scared to try.
  • Learning how to work in teams is key and part of every moment..
  • Result: 47% of students are running their own business two years after graduation compared to the UK average of 4%
  • Students are taking responsibility of their own life. They learn how to cope with confidence and flexibility, chaos and uncertainty. It is a riskier academic approach, things will not work perfectly but that is life.
  • It is a pedagogy which is not resource intensive.

One thought on “TIIMIAKATEMIA, Finland”

  1. Formidable concept à mes yeux : il présente l’immense avantage de proposer un apprentissage qui s’appuie sur les motivations internes spécifiques à chacun et mise sur les possibilités de développement personnel de chaque individu (vs. présupposé d’un goût “inné” pour les connaissances en tant qu’objets d’étude & formatage fonctionnel des individus).
    Le concept s’est exporté, notamment en Grande-Bretagne mais aussi en France:

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