El Sistema, José Antonieu Abreu

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El Sistema, un modèle musical et social né au Venezuela. En grande majorité issus des milieux les plus défavorisés du pays, ces enfants et adolescents y apprennent la musique et la vie ensemble.

Thèse EL SISTEMA: DIFFUSION TO THE UNITED STATES, Jonathan Hulting-Cohen, 20 avril 2012, 110 pages en anglais. Les pages 26-30 documentent les principes pédagogiques, extraits :


FundaMusical also identifies as “key elements for El Sistema’s social and musical successes” the rehearsal of sectionals, or small subunits of the orchestra, to then assemble to the larger group, as well as “an original orchestral repertoire sequential program designed according to the characteristics and needs of the youngsters involved.”

Beyond these significant but few standardizations, the Venezuelans remain fiercely committed to teaching autonomy and the creative process of developing new teaching techniques, so much so, in fact, that they are reticent to write any of it down54 for, as Abreu said, “the day we define a system, it’s already dead.”55 Núcleos invent their own complementary pedagogies in response to the kinds of students involved in the program, their abilities, and sometimes to make up for a lack of resources.

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