Université de la Terre

http://www.universitedelaterre.com/en/2015-edition/lets-change-all-climates/registrations/program Université de la Terre, Titres des conférences :

  • Can we plan the future ?
  • All connected: what kind of digital society do we want ?
  • How the young people are going to change the world ?
  • Change all climates: let all be actors of a better world.
  • Being human, is being responsible.
  • Professional and personal: how to balance one’s life ?
  • Free our organizations for a new climate of confidence and performance.
  • Sustainable and livable : another city is possible.
  • Towards a positive economy : how to accelerate the transition ?
  • Comment la recherche et l’innovation peuvent-elles sauver la planète ?
  • The future at hand: towards a spring of the education.
  • From competition to cooperation: build another economic climate.
  • The climate, at what price ?
  • Recycle, reduce, reestablish, dream: the change is in the RD.
  • Tomorrow, a better climate.