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6 exemples d’associations New-Yorkaises exemplaires

KEY WORDS : Foster collaboration. Promote innovation. Develop problem solving skills. Gives youth the skills they need to become leaders. Prepares youth to become the talent for tomorrow’s workforce. Develops youth to become socially conscious citizens. Empowering youth to learn, lead and create with technology. Instill a sense of confidence. Taught my students responsibility, professionalism, and provided them with a sense of pride in their accomplishments. Help children develop strong literacy, cognitive, and social skills that contribute to improved engagement in learning and educational outcomes. Discover joy in learning, become self-motivated, feel valued, and gain skills necessary to become leaders now and in the future. Inspires young people from diverse backgrounds to be fully engaged in both school and life so they have the opportunity and choice to pursue their dreams. Offers students an opportunity to exercise, use their imagination and focus. Ability to quickly and efficiently reduce stress, increase focus, and address a child’s attitude about their physical and mental wellness.