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Lumiar School, Sao Paulo

Devised and created by the entrepreneur Ricardo Semler, Lumiar School was established in São Paulo in 2003. After this successful initiative, Lumiar International was set up in 2009 in the city of Santo Antônio do Pinhal. From the very beginning, Lumiar Institute was assigned the mission of thinking up the educational proposal of the school and ensuring that the educational practice never drifts away from the original proposal. Educators at Lumiar International are organized into two groups:

1.Tutors, who provide guidance and assistance to a group of students during their activities and interact both with them and with their parents.

2.Masters, who specialize in several fields of knowledge and are responsible for planning and coordinating learning projects, evaluating the development of the competences and skills of the students who take part in these projects.

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Lumiar’s curriculum is organized based on competencies and skills and approaches the knowledge areas through Learning Modules and Workshops.From the Nursery to the Basic Education, the idea behind the actions of all masters and tutors is to treat learners as active players in their learning process. With that in mind, Projects, Modules and Workshops are developed according to the interests of each group and individual.At the end of each two-month period, the team conducts, together with the learners, an assessment of all the topics of interest of each one and the entire planning is carried out based on this process. Therefore, competencies, skills and contents are approached according to the different relevant contexts.