Que disent les jeunes ?

Open the World for me is… a step closer to changing the paths of children through a different type of education. This is done by inspiring them with topics they don’t encounter in their public schooling, bringing them closer to creative methods of learning and informal education, introducing them to confident and successful people in society that have something to share.

My life until now has been a journey with many turns, especially in the past three years after I started exploring different ways of learning and I finally took education into my own hands. I didn’t exactly follow what was stated in my curriculum, I kind of even rebelled against it, and a lot of what I learned was by putting myself in uncomfortable situations in which I had to come up with immediate solutions- by this I mean putting myself out there, making events and projects happen, and most importantly taking the risk to travel to many unknown places, talking to strangers on the street and learning to survive on my own with just words.

A strong believer that education is the basis of all society and humanity’s trajectory, my life in a sense has become about inspiring and motivating people to believe in themselves and dream big in order to make the changes in the world that we need. My goal is to empower citizens, get them out of their numb states of fake.happiness and consumerism. Wake people up.