Bye bye diploma, Hello life-time passport to success

Education Design Lab is based in Washington DC

21st Century Skills/Badging Challenge

How might we assess, measure and guide a student’s 21st century skills development within or beyond a university degree?

Learning and skill development happens everywhere. The Badging Challenge looks at how we might create ways to measure, develop and credibly display skills and competencies. Learners inside universities have many ways to track their progress toward majors, but few if any similarly credible ways to evaluate and pursue the skill competencies they will rely on in the workforce. A meaningful education creates a platform for lifelong learning, but aside from degrees and certificates, there are few ways to show others our current skills and how we may have “retooled” for the next career.

Helping universities / entrepreneurs / employers / government / foundations / non-profits design, Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 5.56.49 PMtest and implement new education models :